Hi! It's me! Jesús

I am a citizen of planet earth, with over 34 years old I have had the pleassure to live in Caracas for 25 years, Barcelona (Spain) for 6 years and now in Sydney.

I was born in Caracas, where I graduated as Software Engineer at Simón Bolívar University, free and high quality education I have to say (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑, I have been working as Software Engineer since then. Starting in a small company in Venezuela, moving to a couple of startups in Barcelona and finally start working in a big company as Atlassian, read more.


I really like stay at home and watch some random TV Shows, play my video games or just read a book. It so relaxing having time with myself (I am getting old I know 😔). When I am not too lazy, I like to go outside and do some excercise or sport.

I use to play a lot of Volleyball back in the University and I really liked it. However, I am not what I used to be. I dont play as much as I liked, but I am always looking for ways to hit some ball.

In addition to sports, I aim to exercise at least 4 times a week, I have tried everything where Crossfit has been the most successful. This change since I move to Australia, here the Crossfit is too expensive and I am not in the best shape, so I choose to do normal gym. When this doesn`t work, I bought a Tacx indoor trainer and has been my best partner since then. Dont take me wrong I am keen to start Crossfit again.

Finally, I got into the business of boardgames almost 5 years ago, I totally blame Pandemic and Catan. I left my small collection in Spain, but I have started another collection in Australia, where Arkham Horror LCG is the main game.

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